Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Teacup in my Hand

A short story

The joy and pride of loving, and the pain of betrayal…

A teacup in my hand,
I sit here quietly pondering,
And watch the day unfold
A long, enduring journey…

Sonya sat at the kitchen table early Monday morning with a cup of hot tea. She had some time to herself before setting off to her job, and battle the tensions that went with the package. She stared at the whorls of steam rising from her cup; a feeling of nostalgia overwhelmed her…‘How life had changed.’

She found herself walking down memory lane…

“Hurry up, Soni, we’re going to be late!” called Umar, as he adjusted his tie and pulled on his coat, giving himself a final appraisal.

“In a minute, darling!” She called back. “There’s no need to be there before even the hosts arrive!”

“The card says seven sharp, and seven it will be, honey!” He tried to impress upon her the urgency that conscientious people like him felt duty-bound to respond to.

The newly-weds, Umar and Sonya, were getting ready for the dinner hosted by Sonya’s favourite Aunt Samina. Umar was a stickler for punctuality, but Sonya was not one to be pushed into anything that everybody considered ‘the proper thing to do’. So, as Umar was to learn, they got there when Sonya saw fit to make her grand entrance!

There was nothing conventional about their relationship either…had never been from the start. Umar, the quiet and ‘proper’ type, was in for a rude shock from the moment he stepped into the bedroom on their first night together. Expecting to find a shy bride, he nearly jumped out of his skin when he lifted her veil to gaze into the huge eyes of a disgusting, evil-looking witch! She had pulled on an ugly mask borrowed from her little cousin, Mani. Though considering the practical joke in bad taste – not to mention ill-timed! – he was immediately charmed by her lovely smile and mischievous eyes.

This story is under this space!


  1. what a heartbreaking,yet beautiful story. it brought tears to my eyes.
    tahera,u r like a very fine and experienced jeweler,as u r every word is like a gem, placed at the perfect spot, and u r workmanship, oh my god.
    every story is a "motiyoun ki maala"
    more power to u girlfriend!

  2. You're too generous! :)

    This story is my first long short story. It was prompted by a friend saying to me "imagine yourself sitting alone early in the morning with a cup of tea, and write what you see/think." And so I did. I was quite pleased with myself, but the friend hated it!

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion, right? :)

  3. Wow,so this was the entire story :)I LOVED IT.
    Can't wait to read the rest of your work.

  4. I'm glad you liked it! Thanks so much for letting me know.


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