Sunday, March 28, 2010


A short story

The old beggar smiled sinisterly, as he sat by the roadside in the crowded market keeping a vigil over Guddi from a distance; enjoying her convincing performance.

‘A real charmer, that one!’ he chuckled, as he thought of all the time gone by since she was placed in his care, some eleven years ago.

Shabbir didn’t know where she had come from, for no one dared question Ustaad, but his wife Hamida had welcomed the beautiful, smiling baby in her embrace and named her ‘Guddi’ - doll. Her pretty frock and tiny booties had been burned immediately and replaced with the patched, multi-coloured rags the rest of the beggars wore.

Shabbir had other plans for her too for she had started showing signs of growing into a pretty young thing… Ustaad was constantly pressurizing him, but it was not time yet. “Soon…” he muttered to himself, as he watched her with an evil glint in his eyes...

Story under this space!

(Published in You magazine, The News

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