Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Ring

A short story

The ring was beautiful. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. The solitaire shone with all its brilliance, and mesmerised her. She knew instantly, the ring she was to choose for her engagement would have to be the one she held in her hand.

“Oh, I love it!” she squealed with delight.

“So be it, darling.” He replied with a smile as he looked at her flushed, excited face, and took out one of his many impressive credit cards to pay for it – it wasn’t practical to carry around a lot of cash.

Mr. Rahim, standing behind the counter, looked through his thick glasses.

“An excellent choice, madam!” he beamed.

The platinum ring with a huge solitaire diamond was brought to Rahim Shah by a contact from Africa along with other classic pieces promising huge profits. It graded highly on his scale of the four c’s, but surprisingly, it had drawn a much muted response from his customers.

It would’ve been rather silly and superstitious to say so – and Rahim prided himself on his rational approach - but it seemed to lose its brilliance the moment somebody put it on!

‘Not today, though!’ He noticed. ‘Why, it practically looks alive on the girl’s hand!’

“Here you go, sir.” He placed it in an attractive box, displaying his most impressive mannerism.

“May you find immeasurable joy in your life ahead…thank you for trusting us in your precious moments.”

He saw them leave with satisfied smiles on their faces quite matching his own.


This story is being this space!

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