Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To Each Her Own

A short short story

“Go back to your own hell!” He whispered in her ear.

She turned her head, sharply. Undisguised hatred in his eyes sent chills down her spine. She looked away, adjusting her scarf and pulling her coat tightly around her.

A little girl started coughing and gasping. The mother cried out.

Maheen jumped from her seat. “…trained in Emergency First-aid”, she mumbled before bracing for the Heimlich manoeuver. The smiling blue eyes of her instructor flashed through her mind, '...you might save a life someday...'

“Aa-aagh” the child coughed up the candy blocking her airway. Maheen gently put her down into the mother's waiting arms.

She looked up; tears of gratitude filling her eyes.

Maheen smiled, and turned back. A sudden round of applause burst out around her. She stopped, surprised.

She met their eyes, unflinchingly. They were Appreciative. Grateful, even.

The train stopped. The doors slid open. She got up.

“Hey!” He called out.

She turned.

He raised his hand.

She smiled and raised hers, before melting into the crowd.

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